The Good Addiction


I used to be addicted. It was great. The thing that got me out of bed in the morning; that made me feel invincible. I’ve slipped from my addiction and it’s left me feeling the opposite. The brilliant side effects of running that had become the norm to me have depleted since I stopped, leaving me feeling uncontent with my current situation.

The endorphins that exercise gives you are like a shot of dopamine straight to the brain. Running makes you feel proud of yourself and happy with the fact you’re positively affecting your life. As well as kickstarting these encouraging thoughts, in my own
unscientific logic, it also seems to tire and settle the part of the brain that anxiety and worrying stem from. Ultimately, our thoughts and emotions are choices and we decide what they are; we just battle ourselves to make them positive. Think of it as thought exercise makes our negative opponent weaker, and our true self stronger.

When you start noticing the inevitable physical improvements it also sends your confidence sky high; something low with myself now that I’m currently not running. Although the idea that a great looking person is any more happy than another is wrong, gaining more confidence and pride in your own appearance does have positive effects, making you more comfortable in your own skin.

For me, running was easy to commit to, due to the charity and cause I was training to support. But soon after the event I was training for had ended, so did my addiction to run. Due to my high level of activity prior to this, I felt like I was at an endorphin deficiency and all the benefits I reaped from it faded away.

I’m going to make this change in my life to get back to feeling these positives. I’d urge anyone to do the same.

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