Self-Counselling, Meditation and Checking in on Yourself


Recovering from a major dip in your mental health is a long process. In my opinion there are two major stages. The first is the hard part. The battle. Getting oneself back to a mindset of positivity and out of the slump and self-abusive lifestyle and thought processes. The second, in theory and action is a lot easier. It occurs once you feel back to your normal self and doesn’t feel like a battle like the climb from the low. This part is more like reevaluating your mental health; you’re the doctor visiting your mind for a check-up. But however simple this step is, too many people fail to revisit past traumas, block them out and eventually end up back in the place they were in before.

A concept that I find works well is the idea of self-counselling. If your previous struggles were understood and cleansed with the help of a counsellor, try acting out these same thought processes on your own. ‘Yes I have been thinking about this a lot recently’ ‘Why do I think that is?’ ‘Maybe it’s because of this’ etc. The beauty with counselling is that most of the knowledge and clarity you gather from it comes from yourself. The professional doesn’t offer opinion on how you’re living and opens you up, giving you agency to think for yourself. This means that it can be performed on your own. Now that your head is a lot clearer than when you first went to counselling it doesn’t require a lot of digging, as long as you do it fairly regularly.

The second stage of emotional healing is all about self-improvement. Finding parts of your psyche that you don’t quite understand and working them out, clearing the water so that it doesn’t get too murky to see through. A great tool for this is meditation. Although I will soon be writing a post about why meditation is so good and how to do it, I feel the need to give it a righteous mention when concerning self-improvement. The whole idea of counselling oneself comes from meditation.

If you are in a much lower place and are at an earlier stage of your journey to an improved mental state, then having a counsellor is a great way to find more clarity and understanding in whatever is troubling your mind.

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