Comfort Eating and a Healthy Eating Mindset


So many people, including me for the majority of my life, have a difficult relationship with food. We binge, we succumb to the immediate pleasure sugars and salts bring and then, after we see we’ve gained weight, either attempt to block out every unhealthy food, or numb the guilt with more of the same. 

Comfort eating is especially common for people experiencing a struggle mentally. When you are lost in a whirlwind of sad and upsetting emotions, food gives a momentary break from these thoughts as you experience the sensations of taste. However, this break is gone in an instant, but you’re left feeling worse than before when you’ve consumed a family pack of Doritos or an entire pizza in your bedroom. You eat more, you’re stuck in a self abusive cycle, just like the other depressive habits you have, like laying in bed all day and being rude to other people.

Or you do the opposite and cut out anything with a grain of badness in. You shouldn’t have an unhealthily obsessed dedication to healthy food. Having the thought that if you slip up, and you inevitably will, that it will all come crashing down and you’ll be back to square one.

There should be a mental balance. By all means it healthily. But you have to think healthily too. Having carbohydrates is necessary and is the fuel required to be active and stimulated. Having no treats means that you set a ridiculous precedent that will impact other areas of your life such as seeing your friends.

Try and get as much understanding as possible about eating habits and the psychology behind them. Youtubers ‘The Lean Machines’ have a great book filled with not only exercise and healthy recipes, but also wisdom about happiness and approaching the health and fitness industry.

I’m passionate about health and fitness and their effects on the mind, and may post more things like recipes and tips.

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