Can an Atheist go to Church?


For my past adult and teenage life I have considered myself an atheist. Since learning rationalisation in science and the ‘importance’ of empirical evidence, the idea of faith has always been lost on me.

However, over the past months I have been regularly attending a church group as well as reading about Christian and Buddhist faiths.

Although I am not a religious person I would consider myself a spiritual person (yes, you can be spiritual and not religious). From my time spent being immersed in a faith I don’t class myself in, I have noticed great and enhancing effects to my outlook on life, relationships and myself.

Understanding the value of life

Although I can disagree with the idea of thanking a God for the world we live in, the idea of truly appreciating it still resonates and is a something Church has helped me do.  We live in such a fast paced world its sometimes hard not to get frustrated by everything and slow down and be grateful. To have consciousness in first world society and have everything we do; we are lucky and we should notice it more.

Life conduct and Christian values

Although a massive dumbing down of religion, there is an idea of ‘behave well, get into an afterlife’. Now, experiencing Christian faith as an outsider, I have been able to feed of that ‘behave well’ side, without thinking about an afterlife. The Ten Commandments remain requisites for what we view as a moral life, and taking away the motive of whats beyond arguably makes them even more moral. I would hasten to add that this is not to say that Christians only behave moral to achieve induction to heaven.

Welcoming a change of perspective

Many of us are stuck in a certain thought pattern. We vote a certain way, we have certain values, we believe certain things. It is healthy to view other perspectives in order to learn and grow. Understanding other people and other cultures makes us more loving people. Multiculturalism and diversity make for a more interesting society where we can be privy to all new ways of thinking and it’s great to throw yourself into this.

I’m going to continue my journey in religion. Who knows what I might pick up and learn, but I know for sure, it’ll enrich my outlook on life.

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