Comfort Eating and a Healthy Eating Mindset


So many people, including me for the majority of my life, have a difficult relationship with food. We binge, we succumb to the immediate pleasure sugars and salts bring and then, after we see we’ve gained weight, either attempt to block out every unhealthy food, or numb the guilt with more of the same.  Continue reading “Comfort Eating and a Healthy Eating Mindset”

Self-Counselling, Meditation and Checking in on Yourself


Recovering from a major dip in your mental health is a long process. In my opinion there are two major stages. The first is the hard part. The battle. Getting oneself back to a mindset of positivity and out of the slump and self-abusive lifestyle and thought processes. The second, in theory and action is a lot easier. It occurs once you feel back to your normal self and doesn’t feel like a battle like the climb from the low. This part is more like reevaluating your mental health; you’re the doctor visiting your mind for a check-up. But however simple this step is, too many people fail to revisit past traumas, block them out and eventually end up back in the place they were in before.

Continue reading “Self-Counselling, Meditation and Checking in on Yourself”

20 Tips for a Happier Life


Most of these will probably be discussed in more detail in future posts, but for now here are my 20 tips to make happiness a more common emotional state in your life. Whether you are feeling particularly low, or are just generally curious as to how to improve your wellbeing, use this list to your advantage. Continue reading “20 Tips for a Happier Life”