How Crossfit Helps with Mental Health

Over the last month I have recently started a journey into the sport of crossfit. After become bored of my traditional training methods and seeing YouTubers ‘The Lean Machines’ enjoying the sport, I wanted to give it a go.

A high intensity mixture of cardio, weightlifting and gymnastics, the idea with crossfit is that workouts are always varied and test your functional fitness and strength.
After my recent experience with crossfit I have noticed several reasons why it is a brilliant choice for your mental health exercise. Continue reading “How Crossfit Helps with Mental Health”

Comfort Eating and a Healthy Eating Mindset


So many people, including me for the majority of my life, have a difficult relationship with food. We binge, we succumb to the immediate pleasure sugars and salts bring and then, after we see we’ve gained weight, either attempt to block out every unhealthy food, or numb the guilt with more of the same.  Continue reading “Comfort Eating and a Healthy Eating Mindset”