Why Music Nourishes the Soul


I love music. The world loves music. When at it’s best it makes us feel any plethora of emotions. It can make us cry, make us laugh, remind us of an event or help us imagine a fantasy. Music cuts into our emotions like little else. So why do we love it so much? And why is it so important to humanity?

Much of our society has an issue with shutting out feelings. Men especially, tend to aim for a stiff upper lip and a laddish persona in the face of tragedy, sadness and disappointment. But, music is a way to dial in to the shut out emotional side. Due to the cultural standards of what is ‘expected’ of us, we are sometimes forced to just get on with life and neglect our issues that should not be neglected. Music allows us, in part, to have this difficult conversation. To sit and think, with a voice in the ear, about our lives, about a situation, about what is bothering us. We can be sensitive, feel our sadness and welcome it in, without the judgement of society beckoning us to be strong and resilient to every single situation we face.

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