Why Toxic Masculinity is so Toxic

Toxic masculinity is a term used to describe overly vulgar male behaviour and often consists of the poor treatment and a power dynamic with women. It effects everyone, irrespective of gender, values and whether you think you even have the symptoms. Whether you are a male sportsman at university, a woman working in London, or a mother parenting their child, the notion of toxic masculinity plays a part in your life. It not only effects the individual who has contracted it but everyone around them.

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Can an Atheist go to Church?


For my past adult and teenage life I have considered myself an atheist. Since learning rationalisation in science and the ‘importance’ of empirical evidence, the idea of faith has always been lost on me.

However, over the past months I have been regularly attending a church group as well as reading about Christian and Buddhist faiths.

Although I am not a religious person I would consider myself a spiritual person (yes, you can be spiritual and not religious). From my time spent being immersed in a faith I don’t class myself in, I have noticed great and enhancing effects to my outlook on life, relationships and myself. Continue reading “Can an Atheist go to Church?”

The Danger of Social Media


Virtually everyone with access to a computer, phone or tablet has had their lives vastly changed by the presence of social media. We receive information at unprecedented speeds. The world is literally at our fingertips. But is this a good thing? Apart from the obvious negative of wasting time looking at a screen (maybe like I am now?) and not spending your life actually living, there may be other ways that social media disrupts the way we interact with the world around us.

Something that will always remain is our constant need to affirm ourselves in comparison to others. The nosey neighbour has always, and will always, be a constant in society. However, has social media changed the way this happens, and caused levels of competition that are more skewed and uninformed? Continue reading “The Danger of Social Media”